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EVACUATION Videos played before every event are highly effective for preparing employees and patrons of large venues to know what to do in advance to facilitate a safe evacuation in case of emergency. Evacuation Videos played during an actual emergency evacuation situation help reduce risk of injury and liability by facilitating a safe and calm public response.

StadiumEvac.Com is the originator, and the leading producer of EVACUATION Videos for the NFL, MLB, MLS, NHL, NCAA and large event venues, corporate campuses and building structures in the USA and Canada. 

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"The work of Whiting and Co. Entertainment has been outstanding. On Wednesday, October 4, 2017, we had the DHS SAFETY Act office attending the Pistons game conducting an assessment of our two pending applications. As we ate dinner, as if we planned this, your video for NBA games came on and all five (5) SAFETY Act assessors were pounding us with questions, commenting on the professionalism of the video, the Evac Route Graphics and more. Your video while highly functional, added to the quality of materials that we previously submitted to the SAFETY Act Office and I'm sure they will send venues your way. WE certainly will!"  
                                                                                                                            Rick Fenton -  V.P. - Security - Little Caesars Arena
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