"Your Safety Is Our Primary Concern"

 is a security resource affiliate of the: 
"Your Attention Please!  Due to weather conditions, and for your safety, it has been determined that this event will be temporarily delayed and the fans should seek shelter at this time.  Please follow these guidelines ..."
Working from the original CAD designs and the facility seating chart, we use our proprietary computer animation process to extrude and illustrate the areas where designated seating sections will be sheltered. We employ POV digital photography to show patrons how the general Shelter-In-Place plan will work and how to get to where they will be safe in an emergency.
Emergency situations do not always call for evacuation of a facility. In some locations, weather conditions such as lightening and thunder storms, tornadoes and other natural phenomena can threaten the safety of patrons of large facilities. Circumstances may dictate that a 'Shelter-In-Place' or 'Relocation' to a different area at the venue is the safest and the best action for public safety. Patrons should be made aware in advance that there is a Shelter-In-Place plan in place for any potentially at-risk venue and they should be familiar with what the procedure will be and where they would likely be going for safety if such an emergency situation should arise.